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Hey everyone, be sure to submit your hot pics and amateur porn videos. We are looking for funny videos, hot girls, naked selfies and drunk couples fucking. Submissions are welcome so we hope to hear from you and If anyone is interested in helping the blog GFPics.com please inbox! Today’s post it’s all about drunk girl sex movies & porn videos, hope you like it. I find funny and hot at the same time to watch drunk girl sex movies and porn videos, not sure about you?

It seems booze makes girls horny because it rise their testosterone levels. Guys can hable their horniness better. Women, most of them, just want to sleep with everyone because being drunk makes girls lose your inhibitions. It’s all the same but because a culture thing, when a girl goes to a guy that means she is a desperate slut. When girls are drunk they have less inhibitions so they just say the true: they want to fuck.

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Usually drunk girls are easy going and a lot better for sex because they are less worried about being a slut or about what they looks like. When dudes drunk they have less testosterone but females react in the opposite way. So when girls are really drunk they are open for casual sex. After all most guys goes with whores and prostitutes but girls just need to masturbate. Alcohol and girls are a good mix imo. Hey, we are here to have fun and get laid, right? Nasty Public Amateur Sluts

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I know a lot of guys and girls who ask about if sex and alcohol are okay. A lot of people thinks it’s just wrong but I prefer to be neutral. If you watch these homemade porno movies showing drunk girls naked, you’ll see that they are enjoying it. I prefer to don’t do it but my gf likes beer so what happens when she is drunk?

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I think that having sex with your girlfriend when she is too drunk is boring but it worth talking about this so why do you want to fuck a drunk girl? Because they are more relaxed. Some girls use alcohol to get away shaming and guilty about wanting sex.

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What happen if you fuck and record on video a drunk girl? I mean, If she really want to do it, why not? She is not saying no just perhaps. Why is the bar so low for most guys? We have to make good decisions and I don’t care what adult women do. Anyway my question is why do men want to have sex with drunk girls over a sober? It’s acceptable for guys to get women drunk to fuck? Why do you think this is ok? The lack of decent girls in this world doesn’t mean that you can fuck her when they are drunk. When the girl is drunk still being able to decide what she wants. Anyway, this is the dumbest drug ever. Anyone who drinks must be responsible for their actions..

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You know, being laugh, etc. Basically, girls can fuck, suck cocks, ask for anal sex or just fuck random guys without feeling any shame about it so the only way to know when a girl wants to have sex is when she wants. Yes means yes. even when the woman is drunk. Many girls just don’t like sober sex. I don’t drink alcohol so I don’t care. This doesn’t mean I don’t like sex, In fact, I love to make amateur videos with my girlfriend while we fuck. We love sex but most guys wants just give their cocks to the first girl they find because a drunk pussy it’s just something they wanna use? Can this be a truly mutually pleasurable experience?

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